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Personal Training

1-2-1 Sessions are tailored for your specific needs. You will attend a 20 minute FREE inducton where you will do a health and fitness assesment, this is just to establish where you are currently. From the findings your personal programs will be written, and you will soon find yourself on your way to smashing your goals. Programs will vary each tme. Bring water and a towel to all sessions. Please ask about training as a group if this is something you may b interested in.

Tip: When choosing a Personal Trainer meet them first of all, you need to get on with them, not many people can take someone mentally pushing them through a tough physical training program if they dont click with them. I offer a free 20 minutes induction where you talk about what you would like from your new PT, and I will tell you the best ways to get you to your goals. This should give you a good idea, if what I offer is for you.


 30 min Personal Training sessions for £20,

if you are pushed for time, like in many peoples modern lifestyle, try this 30 min hard hitting program tailor made for you. 

This will definitely be enough to get results.

When you buy a block of 5 x 1hour Personal Training sessions you will receive a free Well Fit T-Shirt.

When you buy a block of 10 x 1 hour Personal Training sessions, you will receive a FREE Personal training session.